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    0pen for take out only.



Tabouli Salad: chopped parsley mixed with

 tomatoes, onions burghul (cracked wheat),

 olive oil,lemon juice, and mint..s 10 lg 18


Fattoush: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers,peppers,

olive oil,red cabbages, spices (sumac), lemon juice,with

toasted Lebanese bread...s 8 lg 16






Garden Salad: lettuce, tomatoes,peppers,red cabbages and cucumbers...8.


Add shrimp 8, chicken for $7, cheese 5  olives 4 chick peas for $3


Soup of the Day......5



         Vegetarian Maza



Makdouss: baby eggplant stuffed walnut,

garlic, pepper, salt, pickled in oil.....8


Cucumbers and Yogurt: diced cucumbers mixed with

homemade yogurt,olive oil,and mint/ garlic is optional .....7


Hoummus: chick peas puréed with tahini sauce,

lemon juice, and olive oil.....6


Balila: chick peas flavored with garlic sauce

and olive oil served hot.....10


Baba Ghanouj: roasted eggplant puréed with tahini sauce,

lemon juice, and olive oil.....7


Grape Leaves: grape leaves rolled with rice,tomatoes,

parsley, mint,  onions, lemon juice, and olive oil.....8



Labneh and olives: thick yogurt, sprinkled mint, and olives....7


Savory Pie: grilled flat bread spread with dried herbs,

 cheese,Lebanese cheese, and olives......12


Falafel: chick pea and fava bean patties served with

tahini sauce, tomatoes, parsley, and pickles served hot...12



        Meat Maza    



  Sambousik: ground meat,pine nuts,  onions,

and Spices,filled in homemade dough.....8



Grape leaves (warak enab): grape leaves rolled

with ground beef,rice, lemon juice, and olive oil.....8


Makanik: Lebanese sausage (lamb halal) .....10


Escargots: served in authentic garlic butter sauce, parsley,

lemon juice, salt, black & cayenne pepper.....12


            ENTRÉES ** 


All entrées are served with our traditional rice and a side of salad or soup,

               No other substitutions 

  Mjadra: lentils, rice, onions and olive oil....18


Veggie Kibbee B'saneyeh  ( baked in a pan):

a Mixture of butter-nut squash, cracked wheat,

stuffed with spinach, kale,onions,chickpeas,

Spices and pomegranate syrup.....20


Veggie Kabobs...........20


Kibbee B'saneyeh (baked in a pan):

 a mixture of ground beef and burghul(cracked wheat)

 stuffed with onions,meat, spices, pine nuts,

 and pomegranate syrup....22


Chicken Shawarma (fresh gyro): thinly sliced

chicken broiled and served with  pickles,

and garlic paste.....20


Chicken Kabob: cubed skewered grilled chicken and

served with garlic sauce on the side...20


Kafta Platter:  grilled ground beef, parsley,

onions, and spices.....22


Beef Shawarma (fresh gyro): thinly sliced beef

broiled and served with tahini sauce....26


Lamb Kabob: skewered with vegetables, grilled

and served with garlic sauce on the side.....27


lamb chops : Grilled served with rice and garlic sauce .....34


filet mignon Kabob: skewered with ONIONS,

 red peppers, grilled, and served with garlic sauce on the side.....44


Grilled Shrimp Kabob......26


 Tour of Lebanon: tabouli, grape leaves, hoummus,

Kibbee, spinach pies, and meat pies.....30


Mixed Grilled Kabob: beef, chicken & kafta kabobs....34




 ADD extra BREAD ..3



       Lunch Wraps



Falafel: wrapped with tahini sauce, 

tomatoes, parsley, and pickles.....9


Hoummus & Tabouli wrap... ...10


Kibbee: wrapped with yogurt & cucumber sauce...12


Chicken  Shawarma: wrap.   10

Beef   shawarma ...12


Kafta: wrapped with lettuce,

tomatoes and hoummus.....10






 Baklawa :phyllo dough stuffed with

pistachios and simple syrup..3


 Nammoura :farina cake, butter ,

and simple syrup...3


 Maamoul with dates...3




 knafe bel jeben: sweet cheese baked in crusty 

semolina topped with our simple syrup 

served hot ......10





 Bottled Water....2